Online Foot Course: How to reclaim your feet!

Learn about how your feet work, what side effects shoes have on us & how you can reclaim the function of your feet, lower legs & hips!

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    Hali & Calum - Flow Motion Fitness

    Mobility Coaches & Educators

    Who are we?

    We are Hali & Calum & we have been coaching since 2014 & online coaching since 2018. We have always had an interest in rehabilitation & corrective exercises, hence taking many courses & spending the majority of our time off studying. In 2019, we made our first online course on 'Mobility Coaching', which is now an internationally certified qualification; we plan to create many more in the future.

    What will you learn?

    • How the feet function,
    • Why shoes affect our feet, knees, hips, spine & even shoulders!
    • How to address working on your feet, lower legs & hips in a follow along guide,
    • A handy video link PDF of useful tutorials.